SA Heals Immersions are designed to decrease the distance between people and places.  At the root of our city’s struggles is a failure to see one another, let alone love one another. At an SA Heals Immersion, you’ll spend time talking, walking, and eating on the East Side of San Antonio. Within half a day, you’ll have a chance to see not just people and places differently, but yourself differently.  Please read below to register for an Immersion or email for details on scheduling for small groups. 


The Equity and Equality SA Heals Immersion is a deep dive into economic and cultural segregation in San Antonio. This quickly growing city is among the national leaders in inequity—the gap in wealth between its richest and poorest ZIP codes. During this half-day experience, you’ll hear the history and witness the reality of that gap—and learn what we can do together to build a more equitable and neighborly city. 


The Race and Reconciliation SA Heals Immersion is a half-day of intense but inviting learning on racial differences and shared human values. You’ll hear perspectives from friends who grew up on various sides of our segregated city, witness current-day realities, and explore all that lies behind our identities as children of God.